Herbal Tea

Herbal Infusion and Tisane - luxury tea pouch - Cleopatra's Champagne 
On the banks of the Nile in ancient Egyptian times, Cleopatra recognized the soothing, refreshing and calming properties of chamomile flowers - and so we bring you a precious brew of chamomile tea. The fragrant chamomile blossom exudes an aroma of freshly cut apples while its properties will calm nerves and even lull you to tranquil sleep.

Herbal Infusion and Tisane - luxury tea pouch - Peppermint
Nestle into an intimate cove and while away a few moments, letting the delectably sweet taste of peppermint pour over your thoughts. Savour the natural goodness of our aromatic and soothing peppermint herbal infusion.

Herbal Infusion and Tisane - luxury tea pouch - Fruits of Eden
An exquisite melody of fresh fruits combines to whisk you away to a summertime stroll in the country. A crisp, clean blend of hibiscus flowers, rose hip and hawthorn berry create a tantalizing, fragrant bouquet, enhanced by playful notes of natural cherry and tart lemon peel.

Herbal Infusion and Tisane - luxury tea pouch - Lemongrass and Ginger 
Experience strong spice ginger perfectly partnered with subtle lemongrass and citrus overtones. Lemongrass,ginger and rosehip are famous for their detoxifying qualities, a healthy choice for the herbal tea connoisseur.

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